Frontline Evangelism, Inc.

Remote Destinations

There are many different ministries that work in Latin America. The majority are short term ministries that visit accessible areas where there is lodging, food and electricity. 

The focus of Frontline Evangelism has always been to “the most worthy of the most needy” in the very remote areas of Latin America. In addition to  evangelism, Frontline Evangelism looks to encourage and support isolated indigenous Christian leaders who may never have had a visit of encouragement from the outside.

Last year Frontline made 8 such trips to other countries. 


Current prophetic events are overwhelmingly persuasive in evangelism to demonstrate the relevance of God’s word and to lend credibility to the Gospel.  This is the evangelistic approach that Frontline Evangelism has been using with incredible success. 

This element of the ministry is expanding since it has been asked to teach the subject of currently fulfilling prophecy and evangelism in all the seminaries of a semi-closed communist country.  In addition, Frontline has been tasked by Christian television executives to produce 15 programs in both English and Spanish on the subject. Frontline has been speaking on the subject in churches in the US, England and Latin America.

A new book on the subject can be found by clicking BOOKS above.


When not traveling abroad, there is the prison ministry here in the U.S.  The stories of fruitful prison ministry would fill a book. Unlike other prison ministries that invite the willing to come to the prison chapel, this ministry boldly goes into the cell of 50 men or women. After some jokes and funny videos to break the ice and bond a little, the Gospel is shared in a most dynamic and powerful way that it is very rare that the experience ends without many making a decision to follow Jesus. 


Most recently Dan published a book on the subject of “currently fulfilling Bible prophecy and evangelism”. This book describes many of the Bible prophecies that are being fulfilled around us at this very moment. Click on BOOKS in the page heading to read more.

Dan has also published a most unique book of classical style poetry. It has been described as Gospel apologetics in poetry. With the discussion that follows each poem, it would be hard to describe the book since there is no other quite like it. Click on BOOKS in the page heading to read more.

Finally, there is a book in the works on the often harrowing adventures of missionary trips to the most remote the