Frontline Evangelism, Inc.

So Who Cares

Provocative Poems for Meditative Minds

Follow the journey as a poet wrestles with the controversial issues of life and breaks politically correct taboos in a sincere search for truth. Join him as he fearlessly asks the questions that too seldom get asked, and confronts issues that you’re not supposed to bring up, and does so through the unlikely genre of classical style poetry.

Poetry is often more artistic than deep, more ethereal than substantial. Not so in this collection. Here you’ll find profound and challenging thought in beautifully flowing poetry. And not in an undisciplined style as is vogue today, but in the revered tradition of the great poets of yesteryear. But much more important than the style, you’ll be inspired and stirred by the depth of thought that is not riddled with endless unanswered questions, but rather with dawning hope, renewing purpose and genuine answers throughout this delightful poetic journey. Each poem is a brush stroke, and altogether they paint a picture of promise, expectation and hope as each poem grapples with a profound life-question and slowly breaks out of the darkness into the light.​

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