God Not Listening

why's god not listening?

When I would have a problem
I’ll tell you what I’d do
I’d start to get religious
In hopes of getting through

But sometimes genie Jesus
Wouldn’t give me what I wished
I came to the conclusion
He probably didn’t exist

To be, though, fair and honest
I stopped to think it through
Could there be something missing
In what I thought I knew?

Oh, I believed in Jesus
Whatever that might mean
To follow though His teachings
I wasn’t really keen.

I didn’t invest an effort
To learn to hear His voice
Or hark to heed His wishes
In each and every choice

I called myself a Christian
Religious I confirm
But asked if I loved Jesus
Would make me kind of squirm

Oh sure, I did the church thing
Like cultured people do
To say I walked with Jesus
Would be a bit untrue

I’d sometimes read the Bible
Before I went to bed
I never actually practiced
The things that Jesus said

Of course, I asked Him plenty
To fix the things I broke
I’d otherwise avoid Him
Just like a lot of folk

When things went well, I’d swagger
The credit all was mine
But when I had a problem
I’d blame God every time

But how could I blame Jesus
For struggle or for strife
When I had never asked Him
To please control my life

I had no right to blame Him
I gave Him no control
To do just what I wanted
Was pretty much my goal

Ignoring the Creator
Seemed dreadfully unfair
If when I had a problem
I quickly said a prayer

I had no right to look for
Anticipate, that is
That He should do my bidding
When I’d rejected His ~

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Poet's Comment...

There is an age-old question that if God is loving and all-powerful, then why does He allow misfortune? Well, I had misfortune and wondered why God allowed it. I had to admit that Proverbs 4:19 described me when it said, “People that reject God’s advice are blind to so much about life; they have troubles but have no clue what is really causing them.”
I didn’t either until I read 2 Chronicles 24:20 that said, “This is what God says: ‘Why do you disobey the Lord’s commands? You will not prosper. Because you have forsaken the Lord, He has forsaken you’.”

I came to understand that I had no right to expect God’s protective intervention when I had paid no attention to His advice for me. If I had cultivated no relationship with Him, what gave me the right to expect His help with my issues which were usually the result of my own selfish and independent decision making? Jeremiah 7:13 was pretty clear about that when I read, “‘When I called, they did not listen; so when they called, I would not listen,’ says the Lord Almighty.” And Jeremiah 5:25 left no doubt when it said, “Your wrongdoing has caused you to forfeit so much; your sins have deprived you of good.” And as if that was not enough, I could not resist the logic of Job 34:33 that said, “Should God then reward you when you refuse to do things His way?” And what could possibly be more clear than 2 Chronicles 15:2 that said, “The Lord is with you, so long as you are with Him; and if you need Him, He will be there for you; but if you turn your back on Him, you’re on your own.” Since I, like many people, hadn’t thought this through very well, I realized that I needed to study the Bible to be able to understand and relate to my Creator.

I learned that God, being the ultimate gentleman, does not go where He is not invited, as painful as it might be for Him to have to stand by and watch my self-destructive choices. I found some hope, though, when I read Matthew 6:33 which said, “Put some attention on God’s stuff first and don’t do things that hurt His feelings and you’ll start noticing Him resolving things that used to stress you out.” Another verse showed me how responsive God would be to me if I would simply pay attention to His advice. 2 Chronicles 30:9 says, “…the Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn His face from you if you return to Him.” Psalm 81:13 & 14 was also very clear in stating that “If people would but listen to me and would follow my ways, how quickly I would resolve their issues and bring them peace.”

So finally, it was clear to me what I needed to do when I read Nehemiah 1:5 that said, “…O Lord, God of heaven, the great and awesome God, who keeps His covenant of love with those who love Him and obey His commands…” God was just looking for those who would love Him back and take Him seriously.

Follow the journey as a poet wrestles with the controversial issues of life and breaks politically correct taboos in a sincere search for truth. Join him as he fearlessly asks the questions that too seldom get asked, and confronts issues that you’re not supposed to bring up, and does so through the unlikely genre of classical style poetry.


• WOW! This poetry and the poet’s comments send chills to my very soul.
• I am sure that it was not by chance that I came upon your poetry. Thank you!
• You cannot know how happy I am to have discovered your poetry. Thank You!!
• Please do not underestimate what you do for people.
• I’m Jewish, but I do admire your skill. Your poetry is beautiful and meaningful!
• I have JUST found your poetry. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
• I love this poetry. I couldn’t stop reading, and only wish there were more.
• Wow! Whoever you are, God really used your poetry today, my friend.
• I cannot believe how powerful your poems are. I sob and get chills even.
• Wow… I am at a loss for words… Your work is amazing! You have forced me to stop, take a breath, and re-evaluate my walk.

Poetry is often more artistic than deep, more ethereal than substantial. Not so in this collection. Here you’ll find profound and challenging thought in beautifully flowing poetry. And not in an undisciplined style as is vogue today, but in the revered tradition of the great poets of yesteryear. But much more important than the style, you’ll be inspired and stirred by the depth of thought that is not riddled with endless unanswered questions, but rather with dawning hope, renewing purpose and genuine answers throughout this delightful poetic journey. Each poem is a brush stroke, and altogether they paint a picture of promise, expectation and hope as each poem grapples with a profound life-question and slowly breaks out of the darkness into the light.​

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